Policies - Electric

Electric Service Class

Residential Service Class DefinitionSingle phase electric service at a private residence with a nominal voltage of 115-230 volts, for domestic purposes only and using less than 30 KW demand usage.

Commercial Service Class Definition
Single or three phase electric service at a secondary voltage available at the customer's location and using less than 30 KW demand usage.

Industrial Service Class Definition
Single or three phase electric service that develops 30 KW or greater demand usage. The minimum time period that this service class will be applied is 12 billing cycles.

3 phase voltage service
If a three phase customer requests a voltage that is not readily available at his/her location, the customer will be responsible for all costs associated with supplying the requested voltage.

Service Definitions

Electric Service

The service is the set of installed conductors that carries electric energy at secondary voltage across the customer's property from the supply of BELW. Overhead service is provided, owned and maintained by BELW at no cost to the customer. Underground service is to be provided, owned, maintained and paid for by the customer. The installation of a new (non-existing overhead) ungerground electric service will receive a onetime credit offset from BELW which approximates the cost of a new overhead service at the location. BELW may at its discretion provide material for and/or installation of underground service at no cost to the customer if it is more cost effective to do so or if it provides other benefits to its distribution system.

The primary side of the supply is built into the rate base and paid for by BELW. However, if the customer requests that the existing primary power source be moved or extended, the customer will pay the expense of moving or extending the primary service.

Tree Trimming

BELW trims trees to protect its investment in the distribution system and to protect the general public from any electrical hazards that may arise due to tree growth or tree damage. BELW does this work at its own discretion at no charge to the property owner. BELW is not in the business of trimming trees for the general public and will not do so if deemed unnecessary for the distribution system or for general safety. BELW recommends that customers hire a qualified and fully insured tree trimming & removal business in such cases. Exception: If conditions exist that require BELW to assist a private tree trimming business, BELW will either trim back the branches from the area where electrical wires are located or remove the electrical wires from the work area, so the tree trimming business can complete the trimming and/or removal. BELW personnel will make the decision based on the most economical option for the utility.

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